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About Us


About Us

We craft beautifully useful marketing and digital products that grow - COVE IT-WORLD.

is dedicated to doing business in an ethical and sustainable manner to meet the needs of a vast range of businesses and industries.

We combine our industry knowledge, expertise and best practice with our clients needs to design and develop tailor-made solutions dependant on your requirements. We recognise that people are part of IT and that the effective combination of these two , contributes to the success of any business.

As an advanced technology service provider, we keep abreast of the latest technology to securely enhance your business. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise ensure we are able to provide guidance as to what is possible, practical and cost-efficient.

Co-Delivery and Staffing

Providing expert staff with specific skills / capabilities to clients combined with program governance.

Project Services

Engaging with clients to design and deliver a scoped project with activities and deliverables.

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Meet Our Team

  • Team Image 3

    Isaac Olowofila

    Software Engineer & Techpreneur CEO - COVE IT-WORLD
  • Team Image 4

    Blessing O. Otuada

    Creative Director & Tech Engineer
  • Team Image 5

    Ojo Ilesanmi

    Software Engineer & Data Scientist
  • Team Image 6

    Yusuf O. Kolayo

    Fullstack Developer Ashraaf Technologies
  • Team Image 7

    Victoria Ilori

    Facebook Certified Strategist & Digital Marketing Associate
  • Team Image 8

    Banjo Dayo

    Machine Learning Engineer
  • Team Image 9

    Joseph Ayetuoma

    Graphics & Logo Designer
  • Team Image 9

    Iyke Linus

    Graphics & Logo Designer
  • Team Image 9

    Victoria Fadare

    Frontend Web Developer
  • Team Image 9

    Victor Adebayo

    Full Stack Net Developer
  • Team Image 9

    Elisha Temiloluwa

    Software developer | PHP | NodeJS | ReactJS
  • Team Image 9

    Raymond Akalonu

    Product Designer
  • Team Image 9

    Uduak Gabriel Ekpo

    UI/UX Designer
  • Team Image 9

    Olufemi Victor

    Data scientist
  • Team Image 9

    Oluwanifemi Abimbola

    Data Scientist & Machine Learning Specialist
  • Team Image 9

    Olaitan Apata Olaoluwa

    Digital marketer

Freequently Ask Questions

Faq Mockup

01.What is a strong pasword?

While in years past we thought a strong password consisted of replacing letters with numbers and capitalizing randomly, times have changed! It's simple for hackers to quickly crack password mutations like these with modern computing power.

02.How much does IT support cost?

On average, hourly IT support for business costs range from $75-200 per hour. This can of course vary wildly based on your location, the services needed, the experience of the provider, emergency service needs, and the time commitment required to solve the issue.

03.What is manage IT service?

Managed IT service involves a business partnering with an outside IT company to oversee and manage all of their technology (and sometimes overall company) needs. It can act as a replacement for or supplement to an internal IT person or team.

04.Are computer bad for your eyes?

They certainly can be! Computer Vision Syndrome/Digital Eye Strain is a real issue. Prolonged use of electronics can cause eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder pain, and degrading vision.

05.What is it support?

Technically speaking, IT support is defined in the Cambridge Dictionary as "technical help or knowledge provided by computing experts...a team or department in a company or organization that provides technical help to people who have problems with its computer systems".

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